Pint Sized Potholders

Over the weekend I managed to sneak out of my house for about 2 hours with my pal Kelly and we went to 5 Below!

Among a few other things, I found this awesome ‘blast from the past’ craft that I just had to get for Willow.

I flippin loved making things with this when I was a little girl! Of course mine was red, didn’t have the neat little ‘catches’ on the pegs to stop the loops from slipping off so easily and didn’t come with a hook – but my grams had given me one of her crochet hooks, cause she was just awesome! I remember my mother bringing home bag after bag of loops from the Rag Shop all the time for me!

As it turns out, Wills likes it as much as I did!

With only minimal help from me she did an awesome job!

If you don’t have one of these looms and you have kids, you need to go get one! There are other things you can use the loom for as well, that they don’t show on the package. I used to make friendship bracelets, little bags and much more. You can also use yarn and other textiles.. fun stuffs!!


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