Once Upon a Time


In honor of one of my favorite shows, Once Upon a Time, and in celebration of having a working sewing machine (aside from my serger) to use, I pulled Snow White’s dress out of the half done stack of ‘to-sews’ last night!!

Finished it this morning and Willow will not take it off! She keeps twirling around and I can’t get a decent picture, but I’m sharing anyway!

Not the best pictures, I know, Lucas kept jumping in front of Willow! So cute!

So this is just the same Clair pattern I’ve used before from Portobellopixie but this time I used the fuller skirt instead of the peasant style. Still simple, but the perfect pattern for making princess dresses that are wash and wear. I’m sortof wishing I gave the bodice an inch or two in length like I did with the Rapunzel costume, but it’s cute nonetheless. I scooped the bodice a bit to mimic the Disney version of the dress, but the waist is still empire. I used red grosgrain ribbon stitched down the sleeves and down the front with some lace accents that I thought added a cute touch. I had initially wanted the lace around the neckline to mimic the Disney version collar but it just didn’t look nice and was a tad scratchy so I nixed it. The fabric is plain blue and yellow quilting cotton. I also added elastic to the back waistline so that when Raven wears it, it wont fall off – even though it’s too long for her she’ll wear it anyway!

Oh and later (when I can peel it off of her) I’m going to spray the whole yellow skirt with glitter! Everything is better with a little glitter!!

Next up, ANOTHER Rapunzel dress because I’m sick of them fighting over it! This one will be done in costume satin.. YAY! I’ve got a beautiful dark purple, lavender and pink along with some fun prints..

I swear when my girls grow out of dress up stuff and wanting dolly clothes I’ll be one sad mama! It’s hard enough to stifle myself from making new diapers.. haha


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