My Beef With Play Doh

Over a year ago I shared my favorite recipie for play dough with some tips. Since then I’ve probably made more than 50 batches. Seriously. My kiddos LOVE the stuff and it’s so easy and fun to make that I never mind.

When I make it I like to store it in the real Play Doh containers because one batch fits perfectly into two large ones.

Or at least it used to…

The kids occasionally get the real stuff as gifts and last year I noticed that the containers and the contents were getting smaller. I was still able to cram a batch into two of them but it was tight. This past easter however, the kids got a 4pack of the large containers that was clearly much smaller than previous.

We all know that companies are trying to fool us into buying things that look the same and cost the same but are very much NOT the same.

When I posted last year about how I make dough for the kids it got featured on Momaroo and I got some comments there about how buying it was much cheaper and easier. I disagreed with that then and even more so now.

The amount of Play Doh contained in a large 4pack that costs around $2-3 did not even equal what one batch on the stove makes! Making it only runs us around 20 cents a batch! Just to give you an example, you only need 1 cup of flower per batch and there are 20 cups of flower in each 5lb bag! If I follow sales and clip coupons (which I ALWAYS do) I usually don’t pay more than $1.00 for a 5lb bag of flower!

I suppose if you are really uncomfortable in the kitchen I could understand not wanting to make it, but it’s just such a rip off at this point it’s foolish to not even try!

Look at the container comparison:

Years ago, the original containers were large and came filled to the lid with dough. You can see how they slimmed the container down and made the logo larger and then tapered it even more! The original container in the picture is from when my 17yr old was around 2! Another thing to note, the few old containers I still have are made from a much sturdier plastic. The newer ones are very thin and crack easily. While I understand and promote the use of less plastics, I can not deny the use of less plastic in this case is actually causing MORE waste and costing consumers much more money!

So take 5 minutes out of your day and try making some play dough with your kids! It really is very easy and fun! Even if older children need clay for a project this stuff hardens great and is MUCH less expensive than modeling compound or clay!

I will never spend a dime on this stuff again!




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