New Sewing Obsession

Lately I’ve been so busy that I’ve omitted posting at least 75% of the things I make. That usually happens because the sewing is of a ‘need’ nature and gets used right away. Anyhow, I’m stopping for a second (in between refereeing todays cacophony of child sized arguments) to share my newest creative obsession: dolly clothes!

After looking for clothing specific to a couple dolls and coming up either empty handed or shocked at the price, I decided (as usual) making them would be better! I had the same though a while back when I was making Build-A-Bear clothes. Tackling babydoll sized clothes was just as much fun!

First thing I did was break out my bag of scrap fabric too small to do much with and too big to just toss.. thank goodness I have one of those bags!

I drafted a few patterns and bought a few, merged a few together and came up with some cute stuff!

I was only able to snap a few pictures before I had a meltdown situation. Here are a couple dresses: Cabbage Patch is wearing a pillowcase style dress, Baby Ariel is wearing an altered version of something from the Simplicity 4707 pattern collection as is baby Cinderella and Baby Alive is wearing my own creation!

More to come! 

(including custom Lalaloopsy dresses!)


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