Out of Ice Cubes?

My kids love soup. Any kind of soup will do, from my homemade to ramen noodles to canned (ick), they just love it! It’s funny, they will eat anything if it’s in soup. There are things they won’t touch if I put it on a plate, but in soup they gobble it up!

Needless to say we have soup a lot.

But soup is hot and children have no patience so ice cubes come in handy often.. except when we run out!

On those occasions I thought I’d share what I do to quell the starving children waiting for soup to cool.

Frozen Veggies!!

Their favorites are broccoli and corn, but any frozen veggie will do. A small handful of them cools a bowl of soup and adds some extra goodness to it so they can eat right away! This has been a lifesaver so many times!

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