Boosted Boosters!

I finally finished them. With large amounts of headaches, I present to you: Willow and Luke’s new booster covers!

I am semi-pleased with the way these came out, it took quite a bit of tweaking to get them to fit nicely. I had used the original cover from Zack’s booster to create these and somehow ended up way off in my measurements. However, the kids are very happy with them, which was the goal.

They are comprised of 3 layers. Top layer is cotton woven print (on Willows I added some dimple dot minkee), middle is doubled up cotton batting and the bottom is fleece.

This project ended up taking me 3 days to complete.. 3 days not even in a row (since I’m so chock full of time). The first day I drafted the pattern, another day I cut fabric and then today I finally had time to stitch em up. I really should have taken the original cover apart (as I would do when copying anything else) and drafted my pattern that way.. but I opted for eyeballing it and tracing around the damn thing while rolling around on my table to get it to lay flat.. because I thought it would save me some time.. haha. The front and bottom pieces actually were perfect, fitting to the top and around the cupholders like a glove. It was the top that got me, somehow I managed to draft it nearly 2 inches too long and ended up flipping them inside out and pinning them right to the booster to get a very custom fit. That posed a few problems within the layers and I ended up with some puckered seams.. but the end result is fun and functional.

I would suggest this PDF pattern to anyone unwilling to headache their way to a custom booster cover. I may even buy one myself!

Happy Sewing!



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