My Swiffer Finally Broke!

I had my beloved Swiffer WetJet for around 7 years, probably around when the thing first hit shelves. I remember price shopping it and eventually purchasing it at BJs with a coupon for a steal with tons of extras. I loved it, used it to wash all my floors and even clean out the shower. I didn’t care for the cleaner or the disposable pads at all, and within a week of having it I stitched some touchtape to a few hand towels and didn’t even bother using the pads – I think I may have given them to a friend. The cleaner left me less options, as you cant remove the bottles and reuse them, until a few years later when I decided to attach a screwtop off a Coke bottle to the darn thing! I even posted a blog about it! Not that long ago I even made a stretchy chenille sock for it and was using it to get all the cobwebs!

It served me well until 2 weeks ago when the sprayer just stopped working – and new batteries didn’t fix it. Taking it apart to check the wiring didn’t fix it either – it was just fried! As it turns out, I’m SUPER happy that happened because now I have a new mop!!

It really doesn’t take much for me. Sad huh?

So I did my research and settled on the Rubbermaid Reveal, had a couple dollars sitting in PayPal and some Amazon Mom points which covered it totally (including shipping) and I got 2 extra microfiber pads and an extra bottle. It’s competitors could not offer me a similar deal for the price so I ordered it through Amazon and got it two days later through USPS!


I opened the box and immediately washed the bathroom floor, with nothing but hot water – as all the ads suggested – not even a drop of vinegar! And I fell instantly in love! It not only picked up evidence of the four toilet-target challenged males in my house, but it picked up the cat litter too! All in under a minute! The whole bathroom floor – no scrubbing! That is no small feat! My favorite feature is that the sprayer has a trigger and not a battery powered button, and the mop is nearly twice the size of the Swiffer yet somehow much more maneuverable! Added bonus: all the pads I made for the Swiffer are usable – albeit small, but still usable!

If you are in the market for a new mop, look no further!

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