Diapering Evolution

When I first decided to cloth diaper, I got my hands on whatever was available to start. I ordered 2 brand name pocket diapers and headed straight to every store in town to find something I could use immediately. That ended up being Gerber ‘prefolds’ (I use the term prefold lightly here) and Dappi pull on nylon covers. After using them for a while I developed a system, with what I had, that worked. The pocket diapers were strictly for nighttime use and the prefolds, doubled up, worked just fine for day. Matter of fact, those Dappi nylon covers are pretty bulletproof and they never left red marks – I keep one with a prefold in the car for emergencies.

Being a creature that needs constant change and improvement, I started on my venture of designing my own cloth diapers right off the bat. I ordered oodles of PUL and made an entire stash of pockets and covers. I upgraded my cheesy Gerber prefolds to premium ones from Green Mountain Diapers (heart them) and soon found a love of polyester fleece for both longies and soakers. My designs went through more changes than I can even count. Of course, I also had to make custom changes for each child – skinny legs, chunky legs.. endless tweaking.

I became bored with prefolds and turned them all into fitteds. I made hundreds of fitteds. I loved Aplix, then hated it. I loved my Snappies, then hated them. I finally settled on snaps and then decided I hated front snapping diapers! From FOE to serged, I loved and hated every single style and aspect of cloth diapers imaginable! You’d think the magic of cloth diapers would have worn off on me now, 4 years in. But no, I’m still tweaking.. still sewing diapers for no sane reason.. haha

Seriously, I’ve got at least 100 usable diapers in a stash for just one child.. DOH! (and I recently gifted away about 100 diapering items to 2 of my friends!)

My current obsession? Side Snapping pockets with hidden PUL** and cotton outers! And just yesterday I decided – though I have no idea what took me so long – to make a sham pocket!

Here, still in a tweaking phase, is my new favorite diaper.


What I have here is a beautiful brown/pink batik cotton outer, hidden PUL**, tan suedecloth inner with pink resin snaps and white FOE to bind it all together! And below is the sham pocket that I LOVE, stuffed with an infant prefold!

It is not *exactly* as I would like it, I’m tossing around an idea to use the FOE and turn and certain areas. I’m not happy with the way it looks around the tab areas when its on… but still, I LOVE it! And I really can’t say enough good things about FOE! I sewed this together and snapped it in under 15 minutes – took me longer to cut it out! While I still love and make turned and topstiched dipes, I think the next few are going to be bound in FOE!!

**A word about hidden PUL: Does it wick? Sure, if you leave it on for 5 hours. For daytime use and short outings (unless you have a SERIOUS heavy wetter), they are perfect. I don’t recommend using knits on top of hidden PUL, because they shift more when sewing but washable glue sticks help out with that! Just make sure you use all polyester thread and use paperclips instead of pins to hold it together for sewing!

ETA 02/21/11 1:35PM:

Ok, so I tweaked some more and ended up with something I adore!! It kinda looks like snapping trainer, and I suppose I could use it as one, but it’s now my new NEW favorite diaper!

I turned just the end of the tabs out and FOE’d the rest! WaaaLaaa! Exactly how I wanted it to look! Other than that, its the same as the one I made above with the exception of navy FOE and the swirly Robert Kaufman cotton outer! Love love love it!


  1. The diaper looks GREAT~I have been tweeking my diapers alot in the last 3 years too, not as much as you, but I just have to be done with trying to get the perfect diaper for every kind of kid….. It starts getting to expensive for me and so I have to quit.I always enjoy seeing what you have created!

  2. @sailing5 – Thanks! I only tweak into oblivion for my own kids.. my three youngest have such different body types that they needed very different things.. haha. I have drafted standard sized and one size patterns specifically for selling. I also have a fabric stash that borders on hoarding.. haha.. so whipping up new stuff rarely entails spending any money. Really though, I’m addicted to sewing.. any excuse to create is enough to fuel my addiction!

  3. sure šŸ™‚ and I *think* (as in I will have to check at my moms and see if it is still there) that I have a bunch of FOE because I was making hidden PUL diapers as well about a year ago. but my mom sold the sewing machine so now I have no use for it. ALSO, i I have half a yard of some microchamois that I bought a never used. it has turtles on it. let me know if you want it. I really need to try some trainers for Kenadee. I have got to get this kid potty trained!! how much do you charge for trainers?

  4. If you wanna send me some materials to make trainers or even dipes that would certainly make them cheaper. It all depends on what you want/need, since I havent made trainers to sell I don’t really have a price point but I’d be willing to trade for some more bows..if you’re still making them? Or even a trade for materials you want to get rid of.

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