New Slippers!

I’ve been on the hunt for new slippers. Right around Thanksgiving I started missing my slippers.. my slippers that went missing when we moved. My hunt soon turned into a pattern hunt, which eventually lead to me making Raven a new pair of ‘pediped’ style slippers (as she had grown out of the last pair I made) with this pattern.

On that pattern hunt, however, I DID end up finding a nice fleece slipper pattern that I decided to test out today… so Willow and Lucas got new slippers this morning.. hehe

Can you guess who’s is who’s? haha.. Luke’s came out a bit smaller than I’d have liked but he LOVES them and deemed them worthy of ‘not taking off’ so much that he decided to keep his PJs on for the rest of the day – so he would match. Willows came out perfect! Although, I misaligned the Hello Kitty pattern so they don’t match exactly.. but Wills doesn’t care in the least!

So here’s the pattern I used, it’s super easy and super fast.. I’m sure I’ll be making a few more pair once everyone returns home for the day!

For myself though, I ended up buying a pair of slipper booties that keep my feeties so extra warm that I have to wash them almost daily.. PHOOEY!


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