Oh, Diaper Sprayer, How I Miss Thee…

When I first started cloth diapering, when my Willow (now 4) was only a few months old, I was a prefold lover. I bought a few brand name dipes and made my own versions of every type of diaper and cover imaginable, but prefolds were my favorite mostly because they cleaned up the best. I did not have my own washing facilities at the time, could only wash once or twice a week and really prefolds are the only dipes that don’t end up super funky sitting that long.. in my experience anyway. I used the dunk and swish method for cleaning up messy dipes and even when she started solids it was no problem with easy clean prefolds!

Then came Lukie… and a sudden obsession for fitteds.

I sewed like a madwoman once he grew out of his infant prefolds and made him an entire stash of fitteds. Even though by that time Willow was 2, potty trained and was no longer using the premium sized prefolds – I had grown tired of them. And by the time Luke was six months old I was pregnant again with Raven which spurred a new desire to turn all of my prefolds INTO fitteds! Even wrote a little tutorial on how I do it here.

One huge difference between prefolds and fitteds is how they wash up. Prefolds don’t have all the bunched up little crevices from elastic for solids to get stuck in. This was when I realized I needed a diaper sprayer. So my wonderful husband grabbed an old kitchen sprayer, picked up a couple inexpensive plumbing supplies and made me a diaper sprayer.

This diaper sprayer I coveted from the first time I used it. Seriously. I couldn’t even imagine how I managed without it for so long. So, of course the day we moved last June, it was the last thing to be removed from the old place and the first thing to be installed in our new house!

I had enjoyed it on a daily basis until a few weeks ago…

One day my oldest son Tre’ went into the bathroom, which we keep closed so little Raven won’t get into the litter box, and he came back out yelling “MOM, we have a problem here!”. I ran into the bathroom only to find my much loved diaper sprayer spraying water wildly and flailing around the bathroom. It was a disaster! I slid all over the place getting to the water shut off behind the toilet.. ugg what a mess! And my sprayer was BROKEN! Once I had the water shut off I looked directly at the 3 messy dipes that were sitting on top of the litter box waiting to be sprayed and nearly cried!! Turns out the pressure from the water had just busted right through the flimsy old plastic kitchen sprayer and wasn’t even fixable!

So now I have resorted back to the dunking and swishing.. which seems totally barbaric to me.. ugg. Even with Luke now 2 and potty trained, leaving me with only little Ravie’s dipes to wash is no comfort. Of course the hubs will eventually get around to replacing it but right now, I miss my diaper sprayer! WAH!

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