Another year, another gift!

It’s that time of year again, my effin birthday.

Time to make my Mommy a gift!

Not that long ago I read a blog post about how lame it is to give momma a gift on your birthday. It was dripping with (what I percieved to be) selfishness and lots of silly points made about why we are deserving of gifts every year on the day of our birth.


As usual, I’ve made my mother something I consider useful and I hope she likes it! Of course I also made one for my aunt since her birthday is the day after mine and she’s so awesome she deserves a gift even when it’s not her birthday!

This year I chose a shopping notelet. It’s something I actually use myself and it’s based off something I came across here at Pink Chalk Studio. It is my own pattern though, I drafted it around the mini legal pad and added what I thought to be useful.    


It’s got 2 generous pockets to fit sale papers and coupons and even a pocket for a pen/pencil. It’s actually really useful when meal planning!



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