Laundry Alchemy 2.0

Just how many times can I change up my wash routine?

Infinitely!!  haha

Seriously, this long road to clean laundry seems never ending! But I have found serenity once again in my laundry alchemy and I must share!

Since moving we have new water to deal with, water that is not as hard as what I was dealing with previously – which, as it turns out, is a WIN for me! I have been able to cut things down considerably.

I ONLY use one detergent now! Arm & Hammer w/Oxy to wash and Borax to soften the water and remove stains! THATS IT! Of course I keep many essential oils around to disinfect should the need arise, but I can finally sit back and rest knowing my laundry is as clean as it could possibly be!

I normally prefer powder detergents but in this case, load for load I DO get more for my money with the liquid version of A&H w/Oxy AND they both clean the SAME! So unless I find a good deal on the powder I buy the liquid because even at regular price I get a better deal on the liquid. With both I only need to use the recommended amount for small loads and with both that means I only fill to line one of the scoop/cap.

So for regular laundry I run a normal long cold wash/hot rinse with the A&H. For towels and rags I run a normal long cold wash/hot rinse with the A&H and a tablespoon of Borax followed by a hot rinse. For dipes & mamacloth I run a normal long cold wash/hot rinse with the A&H and a tablespoon of Borax followed by TWO hot rinses to ensure good rinsing.

Everything is clean, dipes are fresh with no residue or stink issues and this mama is HAPPY!

Easy peasy.

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