Super Undies!

When Lucas decided to use the potty full time I was ecstatic! He went full steam ahead, ditched his diapers and went straight into big boy undies all the time. I was putting a pull up on him at night, but he was getting up to pee 2 or 3 times every night. Mind you, this started a full 6 weeks before his second birthday (which is tomorrow)!!

So I sold all of his diapers. Every single boyish fitted, even the ones I swore I’d never sell – all gone! And suddenly Lucas is letting loose all over the carpet!


Assuming this is just another wacky phase in the DriveMommyInsane Psychological Olympics and not wanting to scrub little boy pee out of the carpet any longer, I did something I swore I wouldn’t do. After spending many hours, over the last few years, drafting and designing the perfect trainer and for some reason never had the awesome results I get with everything else I design – I gave up! So, I went straight to Ladder Hill Design and bought the PDF pattern for their Tinkle Time Trainer. Over the years I’ve read many good things about this pattern and I agree with them all!

The pattern itself is very user friendly. Even though I didnt need them, the long detailed instructions and clear printable pieces were very easy to navigate.

They look, feel and fit just like his undies. Of course as soon as I finished a couple and put one on him he decided to use the potty from then on out, but I don’t mind at all! I even ordered some cute knits to make him a nice stash of these, just in case! If these are what keep him going on the potty and keep ME from scrubbing the carpet, then so be it!! Plus when he’s done with them I can sell them or save them for Raven!! (more than likely I’ll make Raven some of her own with more girly knits! haha)

Here they are fresh from the dryer:

Almost everything I used was up-cycled! The superhero print was a pair of my bud Kelly’s old pj pants! The Diamond Dan’s print was one of Rye’s old T Shirts! The car/camo prints were both onesies! The black lycra came from an old pair of gym pants! The ONLY fabrics that were ‘new’ are the trim on the Diamond Dan’s one – that is GM’s Pollock from their remnant sale (which I only used because it had a nice amount of lycra in it and I wanted to see how it would hold up) and some black cotton velour on the inners of the super hero ones! And for absorbency I used a combo of new hemp french terry and cotton fleece from an old pair of sweats!

Lukie calls them Super Unnies!

I call them ‘the best darn pattern I ever purchased’!!



  1. My son did the exact same thing at his age! What a great idea making him some training pants. The ones they sell in the store are terrible. My mom bought me a pack for my daughter, completly useless.Love the smile face!

  2. I LOVE THEM!  When you KNOW he’s ready or they no longer fit him, you should definately sell them…. to ME!  hahaha.  I totally want that pattern too!!!  lol  Billy is already starting to get curious about the potty and he ALWAYS squats to poop, so I’ve taken him to the potty a few times when I see him squating and grunting.  He only actually did it IN the potty once though.  It’s very helpful being around a 2 1/2 yr old girl that he can learn from… it’s also annoying when he learns bad things though.  Hope everything is going okay…  I MISS YOU!!!!    ❤ Suz  

  3. @VioletMoonDancer7 – I MISS YOU TOO!!Whenever you want to try out the pattern and can print it out, let me know and I’ll send you the PDF of whatever size you need. I’ve made it with knits for day and PUL for night, turned and topstitched and FOE.. and I LOOOOVE them all.I totally understand what it’s like to have an older child influence a younger one.. with 5 kids in the house I have to deal with that at varying levals every single day! But yeah, thats how Lucas AND Willow first became interested in the potty too. I’m sure Raven will learn from them too. Luke is doing much better with it now and almost doesnt need the trainers but I like them and they are great for running to the store or going to a friends house.. plus they are just SO darn cute. I have a stash of them now that almost rivals his diaper stash! haha

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