Soaking it up!

Seasons are a-changing and little ones are a-growin!

Right before it started getting warm I noticed all of Luke’s and Raven’s longies becoming a bit too snug. I thought I’d end up having to make them both a few more – and then it got warm. So I decided to make them a bunch of fleece soakers instead! Huzzah!

I initially thought I’d make them 3 each but ended up making them 5 each.. both in the same size.. haha

Some are in the wash, but I like them so much I wanted to show em off! One in particular.. I think my applique skills are getting better!

This one is actually repurposed from a cute fleece shirt Raven got as a gift and just never used, the hearts are felt and I absolutely LOVE this soaker!

Just a few more, the 2 on the left are Raven’s and the 2 on the right are Luke’s. They all have an extra layer of fleece sewn into the wetzone for protection – which I normally don’t do but I was feeling generous.. hehe!


  1. The hearts look GREAT!  I love them all, I can’t wait to see the others that were in the laundry too!  hahaha.  I need to get to work on Billy’s short pants.  He’s outgrowing most of his longies.  There are a couple of the straight legs that have more stretch to them (the skull pattern ones, yay! lol) and the blue and brown two tones ones still have room in them, but all the others are tough to get on unless he’s wearing one of his fitted diapers that are trimmer than the pockets.  I’m going to miss that 8 ball and bear paw print!    *cries*  ❤ Suz

  2. @VioletMoonDancer7 – I’m VERY pleased with the hearts, I can’t believe they came out so good! The felt is a THOUSAND times easier to applique than anything else – even materials I’ve added interfacing too! I’m sure Luke will potty train by the time Billy would fit these, you can use them when he’s done! Actually once he’s totally grown out of his snug longies, you can borrow them too.. some are in the prints you love! Raven won’t need them till next winter and really I still have like 15 girly pairs that I saved from Willow so I don’t REALLY need them, I just like some of the prints!

  3. Eh… we’ll see what the weather is doing when he outgrows the longies.  I’m using the longies less and less with the warmer weather.  But I use soakers around the house even in winter, so if you want to let me borrow soakers when Luke is done with them, that would be awesome.  I’m going to make some of my own too, so it’s not like he’ll really NEED them, but more prints are more fun!  lol ❤ Suz

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