Swiffer Hacks

I love my Swiffer Wetjet, but in the interest of saving money and eliminating waste I’ve come up with 2 ways to make it completely reusable without spending a dime or contributing to any landfills. I’m certain other moms have done the same and even shared their ideas, but I thought I’d share mine too.

When I bought my Wetjet at our local BJ’s a few years ago it came with 2 containers of cleaning fluid and one box that contained 10 throw away pads. At the rate that I need to clean my hard floors I knew those pads were going to be gone within a week. As soon as I got it home I went through my stash of absorbent materials and whipped up some pads with loop touchtape on the bottoms.

Since I’ve recently been destashing my diapers I just happen to have a PILE of microfiber towels at my disposal and this morning decided to make a few more.

(Just A Note: The battery door on my good digital camera has finally bit the dust. Although I’ve tried everything I can possibly muster, there is no more fixing it. Please excuse the horrible quality of the pictures presented below, I had to use an old digital camera that doesn’t seem to do anything it photographs any justice.)

These are extremely easy to make and do not really require a sewing machine. Just trifold a microfiber towel and trim it to fit the bottom of the Swiffer, then add the loop touchtape as you like. You can do 2 long strips or even shorter strips than I’ve done here, I just had a scrap piece of this particular touchtape and cut it to fit the 3 pads I made evenly. When you sew the touchtape down the towel stays folded in place and since microfiber generally does not fray there is no need for any further stitching. Just use and toss in the wash! I do recommend washing without fabric softeners or harsh detergents to keep them clean and absorbent.


Through trial and error I found that you cannot just refill the cleaning fluid bottles as they will leak once removed. So I decided to just cut a hole in the bottle and attach the screw-on top of a soda bottle with some Plumber Goop. I’m sure a glue gun or any all purpose glue like E3000 or Gorilla Glue would do the trick too. I fill it with half vinegar, half water and a couple drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil.


And there you have it! Now go make your Swiffer Wetjet reusable today!


  1. @harmony0stars – Ya think? I saw the topic and was going to write about all the ‘thrifty’ things we’ve been doing long before the ‘economic crisis’.. but it was almost exactly the same as a post I wrote about going green and I didn’t want to repeat myself. Thanks!

  2. @hatcherbee – lol, well, you’re pretty much the thriftiest person I know, and I consider myself pretty thrifty (and green), so that’s saying something! There’s no harm in updating the timestamp on the green post and submitting it to them. At the very least, it might help some people out who hadn’t seen it before.

  3. I just bought my first wet jet about a month ago.  was thinking of buying a shamwow and cutting it to use over and over again instead of the expensive disposible clothes it calls for.  now i know it will work!

  4. @reed44 – Yes shamwow or zorb will work AND you dont even need to add touchtape/velcro because it sticks all by itself! I actually updated these a bit too.. I have since made a few shower cap style pads to slip over the end of the ‘mop’ and I like them better because the velcro on the bottom of it is SUPER strong and I was having a hard time getting the pads off! Though I don’t think many others would, I’ve just got fibromyalgia and it affects my hands horribly at times.. haha

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