In the Clutch

With my birthday fast approaching, I have been leaning toward not celebrating at all… and I would have got away with it too if I didn’t remember that the day after my birthday (the 8th) is my aunts birthday! And I plum forgot to get started on the gift I planned to make her!

I have no idea if she will even use this, but I had been itching to draft a clutch pattern and bring it to fruition – with her as the recipient!

So tonight, after the standard bedtime routine, I did just that! Very simple in design and construction, but will function exactly as I envisioned it to.. I hope she likes it.. more than that, I hope she doesn’t see this before I give it to her tomorrow!






I am considering scanning my pattern and uploading it for free distribution.. and doing a short tutorial for this. It was so easy and upon searching for a free pattern/tutorial like it I came up with nothing! If anyone is interested please let me know!

ETA 09/06/09:  Made one for my mom too! She always gets a gift from me on my birthday!




  1. @beebeak – Thanks, I figure if she doesn’t want to use it as a ‘clutch’ it could still be a makeup bag or something like that. I actually created a mockup of a more elaborate design that really could only be used as a clutch but I didn’t want to give her something she might not use.. ya know?

  2. Be sure to check your mail… I found a print that I LOVE in fleece, but it’s all purple and looks a little “girly” to me.  I might use it for a wrap though… If I can get some electronic funds set up before it’s sold out.  It’s on sale for $8.99 instead of regular 12.99 and it’s anti-pill fleece.  It’s very similar to the tie dye skulls you already picked up and the purple/green version of it, but it’s all purple and black.

  3. @VioletMoonDancer7 – The grey and black one is antipill too though and that would be great for the moby wrap (well once it’s on a better sale) because antipill is really stretchy but bounces back great. I tend to stay away from it for fleece diapering items though because I end up having to alter my sizing to match up with that extra stretchyness – or use solid color blizzard for waistbands etc…

  4. Ahh, that makes sense!  I didn’t even notice the PINK in it…  Maybe I’ll use the version with lime green in it.  Since I’m the one wearing it, I don’t mind if it’s a LITTLE girly for a wrap, but Billy is still going to be carried in it and I don’t think I want something with pink in it lol.

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