Goodmama decided to have a 50% off sale on everything in their store! Did I need them? No. Did I want to get a couple at super-low prices? YES! Sadly though, by the time I sat down to shop the entire store was sold out! It still is! At that point I was determined to own one of those damn diapers so, I hit Spot’s Corner on HyenaCart and checked out every FSOT thread I could find on CafeMom! In the end I snagged 2 used Goodmama’s for great deals! And just in case I fell madly in love with them I also ordered 6 yards of squishy soft velour from .. so I could make my own.

Well I do love the Goodmama’s and since I got that velour washed today I decided to whip up a fitted for myself. (even though I’m in the middle of 3 custom diaper orders and shouldn’t be doing any selfish sewing )

I have found a new love! This velour is so deliciously squishiously soft and yummy I am daydreaming of lining all my undies in it! I wanted to throw it all on the floor and roll around in it! Instead I made a custom fitted for Luke! I used some leftover scraps from a flannel print that 2 of my customers ordered and pieced together an outer paired with some beautiful aqua velour for the inner. I added touchtape and decided on a sewn-in 2 petal microfiber soaker topped with another layer of yummy velour!

End result: a super squishy soft and absorbent new diaper with 9 layers of protection!



And just cause he’s adorable, some action shots!



I love it so much, I think I may toss my entire stash and replace it all with velour dipes! haha 




  1. It looks super cute on him!  Since I picked it as my favorite, of course I absolutely LOVE the print (claiming the title, customer #1 just cuz I’m special LOL), and that aqua interior looks absolutely divine!  I love my velour pants and sweater.  I can only immagine how wonderful it feels on his butt.  I hope you were joking with the “selfish sewing” statement.  You might think it’s a little unnecessary since you have lots of dipes and orders to work on, but YOU and YOUR kids come first.  I don’t care if customer #2 and #3 have already paid and are awaiting immediate shipment…  they probably also know that you are a busy mama already, plus the pregnancy, and you gotta have SOME fun with your work, right?  I know how quickly you’ve put some items together, so it’s not like you spent a couple of days working on it while orders lay in wait.  Consider it part of your break time.  Even though you charge per piece instead of by the hour… it’s not like we’re slave drivers. hahaha!  I know you are busy, but I posted pics of the dipes and bibs I received from you today, and I was wondering… did your box arrive today?  It should be coming soon, but I didn’t get any other updates from the tracking website.  :(Now… go take a REAL break!  hahaha<3 SuZ  

  2. @VioletMoonDancer7 – I am so totally going to use velour on one of your fitteds.. just so you can see how awesome it is! It will be a surprise what print though!No I didn’t mean anything by that ‘selfish’ statement.. was just a joke! I do feel guilty sometimes when I have orders to sew and I sew for myself or my kids, but it doesn’t stop me!I actually took a nice break yesterday, got together with 2 of my friends and our kids all played in pool.. we ordered pizza for lunch too! It was really nice! Just being able to have an adult conversation face to face with someone is a blessing! haahI did see your post and I left a comment! Those dipes look so cute on him! Didn’t get the box yet, but I’m sure it will be here soon!

  3. That’s great that you got out of the house with adults for a while.  Zeb and I got out too.  We had all the kids with us, but the adults out-numbered the kids and we had a lot of fun relaxing, so it was still great.  There will probably be a blog about it shortly.  LOLOoooh, I’d love a velour!  I was thinking of asking you for another quote…  hahaha. (j/k, I think my hubby is on the verge of killing me for my already planned shopping spree as is! lol)  Thanks again!<3 Suz

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