Nighttime Accidents Beware!

Since Willow potty trained in January her occasional nighttime accidents have sent me a bit batty trying to develop the perfect trainers.

I went from fleece to PUL and back to fleece again! I even bought a few packages of disposable pull-ups ! GASP! Then I found some great used trainers on Spots that were working out wonderfully.. until Willow decided to grow.

Back to the drawing board I went, spending nearly all day drafting and tweaking my way to something I’m pretty proud of!

(again I apologize for the poor quality pictures)

I have a very limited amount of materials at the moment since most of my stash has been packed up and sent to storage. The mismatched color coordination you see here is the only victim though, as they fit well and function exactly as needed. With 3 layers of microfiber sewn inbetween the PUL and cotton knit, she will be perfectly protected all night long!





Action Shot:


I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of my stash and make some REALLY cute ones!


  1. Yay!  You got something worked up!  Woo hoo!!!  hahaha.  That swiffer refil looks awesome too!  I’m sure you’ll use your microfiber for other things, but if you end up wanting to get rid of some of your towels, I could buy them off you.  Your bright yellow towels work better than the others I picked up on my own.  I don’t know why… microfiber is microfiber, right?  Maybe I just haven’t sent mine through the wash enough times yet, but I have to use 2 of the ones I bought at the dollar store to get the absorbtion I get from one of the ones you sent with the monkey dipes.  And that just makes the diapers twice as bulky!  lol Willow’s new trainers look awesome and I’m sure she’ll have more that look even nicer when you have access to all of your materials again.  Speaking of which… when’s the big move?  ❤ Suz 

  2. @VioletMoonDancer7 – A lot of my microfiber towels went into Raven’s newborn fitteds.. but I’ve still got TONS. I’m trying to turn them all into 2 petal soakers I can either stuff or sew in. There are 2 different types of microfiber towels that I’ve seen and the ones you have may be for polishing. Even though they will absorb, they arent as good as the ones made specifically for absorbing. You can usually tell them apart because they look furry instead of looped.The yellow ones I got straight from Microtex in bulk, they are really good but believe it or not the stuff I get by the yard is like 3x better! Just like everything else, there is well made microfiber and shitty microfiber.We’ve already had an issue with the trainer :(. I should have washed it first to seal the PUL but she was so excited to wear it.. ah well it was only a little leak.. haha

  3. wow thats pretty awesome!! i cant PM you because I am at work and it is blocked and for some reason I am not blocked from your actual xanga lol. do you have a preference of inner that you would like the diaper? I have some really nice microchamois that I want to use before I use my OBV but thought that I would ask first!! I am running low on my bamboo fleece 😦 so I am going to just have to play around with it and get good at sewing before I use my OBV! I will just have to figure something out lol. I need some more hemp fleece too. and I have no money to get some because I am buying kenadee this GORGEOUS shorties (well more like capris) and goodmama with a matching shirt. its the 1981 print and I am dying to get it and so I will have no money for new fabric for a while lol. I really need to stop doing that. hehe

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