Summer Skirts

Since the weather decided to get abruptly warm about 2 weeks ago I was scrambling to find summer things for the kids. I had already stripped their wardrobes of all things winter and was fully prepared for spring, which was stupid of me. I should have known that spring would only last 5 minutes.. once again.

So I decided to pluck every cute cotton print that matched Willow’s collection of t-shirts and tank tops, and make some ruffly twirly skirts.

Here she is modeling one (in a fabric I didn’t quite like until I paired it with some of her brown and pink shirts). I just whipped them up, super easy and quick. Measure waist and add 2 inches, cut the yolk as long as you’d like it then cut ruffle strips double the length of the yolk and as long as you’d like. Add elastic at the waist and your set. I’ll probably add pictures of more as she wears them, this is one I just happened to make today.

Happy sewing!

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