Tutu Action!

One of the funnest things I have put together in the past few months were the tutu’s I did as holiday gifts for my daughter and a friends daughter. Sadly I did not get pictures of the one I gave away, but today I finally remembered to take some of my daughters! She wears it almost daily, I don’t know how I managed to pass up photo ops.. haha

Anywho, here she is in all her tutu glory!

This was actually REALLY easy to make. It is 6 yards of tulle (3 pink and 3 black), about 22 inches of packaged black satin blanket binding and 3 inches of hook and loop tape.

I cut the tulle on the bolt fold and ended up with 4 pieces of tulle which I folded in half lengthwise and ironed on a VERY low setting (BE CAREFUL too high will melt tulle, best to test first). I matched up all the folded edges and then did 2 baste stitches about a half inch apart, half an inch in and down the length of the cut edges. To save myself the headache of gathering 3 yards of tulle, I slipped a shoelace in between the baste stitches and gathered that way.

When I had it gathered up to the waist length I wanted, I did a zigzag stitch above the basting and pulled the shoelace out. Leaving the shoelace in made for a very bulky waistband. Then I cut down the edges to make sure they were both straight and even. I considered finishing them with a zigzag stitch or some binding tape but after some trial and error I found that it really wasn’t needed.

Next I cut the blanket binding to the desired waistband length, turned it inside out and sewed down the edges then turned it back out and pressed. Then I inserted my gathered tulle into the waistband, added some pins and topstitched twice down the length. Added the touchtape to the edges and that was it! Easy Peasy! A nice fluffy and reversible tutu for endless hours of play!

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