Fleece Trainers

My quest for something other than those nasty (and expensive) disposable pull-ups that Willow only needs for possible overnight accidents has finally come to an end. I only had to purchase one package while coming up with a washable replacement, and when I did I almost kicked myself because it was right in front of my face the whole time!

For a long time now I have been making fleece soakers, from a modified version of this pattern. As I was packing up some of the ones Wills will no longer be using, I got an idea. I grabbed my seam ripper and undid the end seam in the extra soaker panel and it suddenly became a pocket! A STUFFABLE pocket! Yay! The past two nights they have been working out great! She has woken up dry each morning! I firmly believe she would just pee in those paper pull-ups because she knew she could without getting wet.

So now of course I had to whip up another modified version because I needed a different fit. They don’t need to fit over a diapie butt, so I lowered the rise. I also used a buttery microfleece as the ‘pocket’ and made it as wide as the crotch and left the ends open because I found it easier to stuff if I could reach in both sides. I had a heck of a time stuffing the ones I already had.. haha! This new pocket fits a quarter folded microfiber towel like this perfectly!

I am more than pleased and she loves her new ‘special undies’.


  1. OK. I will have to try this too. My 2 yr old has been in Pull ups for a while. And they are driving me crazy. I want to make some fleece soakers for him to wear at home and school. Something that won’t require a clothes change at school. This is a great idea. Love the pocket idea.

  2. I was thinking. I could put some PUL on the back of the wetzone before sewing it to the soaker. Which will make it a waterproof. And I see that you modified the wetzone shape to a rectangle. So, I’m guessing you do not stuff the pocket during the day. And, how many did you make? I am pregnant with a girl and she will need some as well in about 18 months.

  3. @Ashley – I actually made like 20 different versions of this before I ended up just buying the Tinkle Time Trainer pattern that I blogged about here. Trainers and me have had a rocky relationship… haha. Really I could write an entire book on my adventures sewing training pants for day and night!While this version worked well on my older daughter but they sucked on my youngest son because he was a SUPER soaker and ended up not fitting my youngest daughter because they have totally different body types.. ugh!I absolutely recomend using that pattern if just for the sizing alone. It will save you serious headaches! I can even email you the pdf of whatever size you need if you want to check it out, but the whole pattern is very inexpensive. To answer your question, in the end here’s what worked for me: 10 non-waterproof trainers that I used during the day (I wash every 2-3 days). These were all knit/velour outers and inners with 2-3 layers of microfiber, flannel or hemp sewn in and they were just to catch accidents. 2 waterproof trainers for outings that had full PUL outers, flannel inners, 3-4 absorbant layers sewn in and were bound in FOE.2 waterproof ‘nighttime undies’ with full PUL outers, microfleece inners, an inline pocket (much like a pocket diaper) and fleece legcuff, waistbands and sides.

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