Leftover Scraps of Flannel.. Oh MY!

So I had a PILE of leftover flannel scraps from all the pocket fitted dipes I’ve been making that needed to be used. I’m really pressed for creative space right now and endless bags of fabric scraps are not making the cut .. so to speak.. haha

So I decided to make some flannel mama cloth!

I have been playing around with mama cloth for a long as I’ve been making cloth diapers and decided a while ago that I do not like wings, snaps or touchtape on my pads. I found that polar fleece not only provided a water repellent barrier (through use in diapers) but also held the pad in place. I wasn’t sure how flannel would hold, but I went ahead and made one without wings to test it out.

Turns out this is like the best fabric I could have ever used! Because of the way I wash it (with no fabric softeners or harsh detergents) it tends to have a good amount of static cling!

Over time I have come to the realization that mama cloth, for me at least, does not need a waterproof barrier. Weather I’m using a fleece/microfiber combination or just layers of flannel; I’ve yet to have a leak. So I went with flannel outer; top and bottom; and 4 – 6 layers flannel inner (depending on thickness of flannel).

I ended up with 13 new pads! Yay!

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