New dress!

I whipped up a new summer/spring dress for the Willster the other night. One of her crib sheets ripped in the corner and was starting to run so I decided to turn it into something more useful!


Not the best picture, I know.. and yes I see the stain on the bottom left – a certain cat knocked over a cup of coffee on my ironing board.. Who puts coffee cups on the ironing board anyway?


And no it’s not lopsided, it’s just cockeyed on the hanger.. cute though, huh? I was thinking that it looked more like a nightgown than a dress, but I likes it anyway!

No pattern.





  1. You’re so crafty – first the little diaper covers (sorry, i already forgot at they’re called) and now this adorable dress. I want ot get to the point where I can make all of my own clothes . . . what did you start out with when you began sewing?

  2. @Jemstone05 – My mother sewed when I was little (she doesnt anymore though), she used to make us matching outfits and eventually she taught me a little bit. I dont know what age I was, but I remember sewing together felt ornaments to hang on the tree with her.. I didnt get my first sewing machine till I was 12 or 13 maybe. My first sewing project in school was a big pink foot pillow (which I still have) hahaha. I made a pile of hair scrunchies back then too, that was an easy starter.

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