It’s official.

I have been bitten by the Pregnancy Nesting Bug.

I have rearranged my kitchen and bathroom cabinets 3 times already. I’ve gone into my sons room and refolded and organized their dresser. I’ve completely changed the way I fold and store my cloth diapers and hung EVERY single item of clothing my daughter owns (save her pj’s and socks). Yeah, I think I’m nesting.

So to add to my normal organizational-to-a-fault OCD and obsessive craftiness, I reupholstered my desk chair yesterday! It was wearing a nice blue and yellow celestial print fleece that matched my fall/winter bedding (it was long overdue for changing and washing). I should have taken a before picture, but by the time I thought of that I already had the chair apart and most of the staples out. I had my daughter pick a new fabric for me. I laid out a few different prints and she went straight for the Strawberry Shortcake leopard spot fleece print – which I had originally purchased for make more fleecies, but the print was so large it wasn’t going to work.. and honestly, who can argue with the cutest redhead on the planet?

Finished product:


Do I love it? Hells yeah!

Why did I use fleece and not some sturdy textile? Well, fleece is surprisingly rugged and water repellant (as my daughters bum helped me learn.. haha) PLUS it is super-cheap and comes in some pretty awesome prints.

How the heck did i do this? It’s REALLY EASY, these kind of chairs are usually only screwed together with a couple screws. So all you need is a screwdriver, staplegun and whatever fabric you like (I’d recommend something with a bit of stretch or weave to it). You don’t even have to remove the original fabric if you don’t want to, just cover it! Just unscrew the chair, lay out each piece onto your fabric, cut, staple and screw it all back together! If the chair has a screw free back like this one, you will have a cover piece that needs to be nailed back on after the fabric is on – these are usually originally attached with a nailgun and it’s a bit of a pain to remove the little nails, but when replacing it I’ve found you only need 4-6 (depending on the size of the chair) 1 inch nails evenly spaced around the edge. If the chair back is anchored you will only need to stretch your fabric to reach under the screwplate. Easy peasy.


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