She died again today.

Today was the closing on my grandmothers house.

All the cleaning and painting and repairing in preparation for the sale was leading up to this day. And just like everyone else involved, I hoped the house would never sell.

Ever since the afternoon of January 18th in 2006, when I got the call telling me she was gone, I hoped that somehow I could keep my grams alive. I wished and I prayed that her house would stand there waiting to welcome me until the end of time. I selfishly wanted to be able to walk the floors and smell her perfume whenever I pleased. I childishly wanted to sneak over there and steal back all the memories I had there with her – to soak up everything contained in those walls. To say that I miss her is and understatement.

It is gone now. The waiting and procrastinating is finally over. Someone else will call it home and haunt it’s floors.

Even though I wont mourn this long, today will forever be marked with the loss.


One comment

  1. I am so sorry her house is gone now, she will forever live in your mind’s eye now. I am so blessed to have met her and known her. She was such a special lady.

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