Sunflower Pillow

This project took way longer than intended and even changed along the way. Initially I had the idea to make a granny square blanket. I had wanted to use the starburst pattern in fall colors to match my forever fall living room. At the beginning of March I had ordered the yarn to make the blanket. Whelp, that package got lost in the mail and I decided to try making something with my stash. For a long while now, I was only making from my stash, which was a lot until we moved. I have an entire office now to keep my craft stuff and my yarn stash seems small! I have a 3 drawer bin, a large fabric covered bin, and my current working project bag…

..which is really more of a bin itself, but it’s very useful. Point is, I could have bought yarn and stored it without issue… but I digress!

Turned out I had colors similar to what I ordered but only one skein each so I had to scale it down. I also had a couch pillow in desperate need of a facelift.

Ripped and worn out!

I also found a variegated skein with nicely matching colors and I spent some time deciding how I was going to use it.

I started with the squares though, definitely wanted a sunflower look.

So bright and cheerful!

Piecing it together turned out to be quite the learning experience. I had never really done anything with granny squares before, and tested several methods before settling on one. I decided on a slip stitch in the back loops only. Aside from a couple mistakes, crocheting in the middle of the night while watching a movie isn’t always the best idea, I really love the end result!

As I worked I knew I only had enough to do squares on one side and decided on a traditional granny back. Then about halfway through I changed it to double crochet and stitched the whole thing together with a half double(my fav).

So squishy!!

It’s my new favorite thing that I made, ever!

The variegated is Red Heart Super Saver in Fall. The rest is all Loops and Threads Impeccable in Chocolate Brown, Pumpkin, Sunny Day, and Deep Forest.

Definitely go make one of these, you’ll love it!

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