Jumped on the Mountain Wagon

I don’t think you can scroll Pinterest without seeing a beautifully painted mountain wall mural.

I had to paint one.

I knew exactly where I was going to paint it, way before the offer was accepted on our house!

Seeing as we have limited time it took a while to repair/replace the pipes, ceiling, and walls in the whole house.

But finally today, I finished my mountain mural 😃

So initially I was going to do just a gradient of the dark green we have on the rest of the living room. Buuut when I realized I could just tint some of the 100 or so gallons of white paint we have with acrylic paint, I made it way better. Well, I think it’s better.

It takes a surprisingly small amount of paint to cover each layer. I mixed each color in Talente jars (cause I have a bunch) and that was enough for three coats on each layer. And this is a big room, 23 feet long with a 5 foot walkway to the kitchen.

I used the cheapest acrylic paint from Walmart to tint the top 3 layers. Then I added the dark green to the brown for the 4th layer. The 5th layer is 2 parts green and 1 part white. The 6th layer is the green alone and the last is 2 parts green 1 part black.

I drew my mountains on with pencil and just cut in each layer with an artist brush, then filled it in with a small purdy brush.

Three coats covered perfect and each was dry where I started by the time I finished each coat. It went pretty fast. I started Saturday, worked on it about 2 hours every morning and finished today (Tuesday), so about 8 hours of work.

Pretty rad result.

1 room down, the rest of this huge house to go!

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