Cross Stitched Cow

I’m always down for anything in the realm of fiber arts. Some things maybe I’ve only dabbled in but I’m at home with all that’s threaded. I cross stitched when I was young until I quickly used all available embroidery floss on bracelets – which became an obsession of sorts that’s been woven through my whole life it seems.

Which brings me to now and my cross stitched cow.

This was an actual labor of love. A gift for, what I would consider, the worlds greatest realtor! We house hunted for over a year, finally finding exactly what we needed this past April. Then sat on pause this entire summer while enduring our closing being rescheduled 6 times. Yeah.

Through it all, and I do mean all – missing deeds, questionable property lines and practically raising the dead – our realtor was a super hero. In our travels we happened upon a great farm to get fresh milk, which she loved. My husband joked with her that if we actually got this house he’d give her a cow.. whelp, this was the best I could do!

I got my inspiration from this picture I found on Pinterest.

Not too shabby! And today I finally got to give it to her!

Happy day!

Tons of new DIY projects to follow…

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