DIY Tablet Case

I recently upgraded my phone..

well sorta.. I just replaced my 3 year old, cracked and deaf iPhone 4 with a 4S – which I’d have kept if the sound didn’t go kafoofy on me.

So, I just happened to walk into the Verizon store on the day they were giving away free tablets. Now, I have a Kindle Fire so when the sales person pitched this freebie to me I initially thought.. well, no, what do I need another tablet for? But then I remembered how flipping wonky my 10 month old Kindle Fire is; crashing, not charging, and having to be replaced by Amazon once already. I decided the free tablet with Verizon service was worth it.

After having it home for about 10 minutes and watching 4 sets of grubby greasy hands play grabby grabby with it I remembered it needed a case. Not wanting to buy a case I figured I’d try my hand at making one, I saw a few DIY cases on Pinterest (like this one) and gathered my supplies.

This was really simple, I had everything in the house. I used:




Fabric Glue

Peel n Stick Touchtape Squares (only the stiff sides)

Fold-over Elastic

I made the wonderfully fun mistake decision of having the kids help me. They did a grand job  🙂


Actually I”m mean, it doesn’t look bad at all and it’s totally functional. Felt always has this unfinished look to it for me, even though I find uses for it I’m always a snob about it.. hehe



This really was very simple, we traced the tablet twice onto some cardboard with about an inch of space in between. I rounded the corners and scored lines in the center for the ‘spine’. I laid the cardboard down over the fabric we picked and cut around it leaving about half an inch over. We painted the cardboard with fabric glue and smoothed the fabric onto one side carefully bit by bit. Flipped it over, glued some fabric down the spine and carefully glued down the overlap. Then cut the felt to the shape and glued that down too. Stick the touchtape (velcro) squares onto the back of the tablet and that’s it!



I sewed some fold-over elastic along the back to hold the cover closed, but you could easily just glue it in between the felt and the fabric or just leave it out.

This was a super easy project that even my 4 year old had fun participating in. Anyone can do this, and should!

Go make one for yourself!

Happy DIYing!


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