Weekday Sewing: Sew All the Things!

My sewing machines have been very busy lately and not just making doll stuff!

For Girl Scout camping in September, 50 sachets with ribbon ties. I’m not exactly sure what activity these will be used for, but I’m sure it will be fun .


Made myself a new tea cozy that I’m not exactly thrilled with. Even though I’ve got 5 I really only use one because it’s got two layers of a heavy polar fleece that keeps tea piping hot for over 5 hours. It’s not getting worn out or anything, I’m just tired of looking at it! So i made a new one and broke out two old hoarded pieces of fabric that I coveted. It’s reversible. like every cozy I’ve made and while I love both the scribble sculls and the sewing themed print, I was hoping for something different with the latter. I’m sorta wishing I left it in my stash :\


It’s just too poofy and bunched to see the print … sigh.


You can barely see all the cute notions and machines 😦


Oh well, onto better things…

A friend of mine had great plans of sewing up a gift that fell through and I helped her out. The apron is adorable, I may make one for myself, and the placemats are reversible in really great high quality fabrics that I just wanted to roll around in  they were so nice! haha


Did you notice the crayon on the walls?  grr


I accomplished a lot this week.. WAY more than I usually do!  Way more than I usually do on a rainy summer week to boot! Go me.. haha

Happy Sewing all!

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