Mini First Aid Kit and Girl Scout Safety Award

A few weeks ago my Daisies worked on their Safety Award. To earn the award they needed to accomplish these 3 things.

1. Understand what to do if you get lost. Know your phone number, address and who it’s safe to ask for help (police officer, teacher, person in charge)
2. Find our what you should do if you or a friend is choking
3. Learn how to do “Stop, Drop, and Roll” if your clothing catches on fire.

Going over these things was fairly simple with the girls because they pretty much cover it all in school. I decided to add some elements of our area’s Boy and Girl Scout First Aid Rally. The rally is this really cool event where the boys and girls get to compete by properly helping people and administering minor first aid. Daisies are too young to compete so we went over first aid scenerios, talked about what to have in a first aid kit and how to be prepared in emergency situations. Then I had them put together mini first aid kits to keep in their backpacks. This went over so well with them I just had to share it. They all love their first aid kits so much they bring them everywhere! So cute! Putting them together was an excellent opportunity to talk about first aid and I thought it was the perfect compliament to Safety Award.

So I made these cute little pouches for the mini first aid kits and I’m adding a tutorial in case anyone else wants to do the same.

And this is what we had them tuck inside them:

This is pretty much what my co-leader and I could muster together for free or cheap!

An emergency information card, tick identification card, antibacterial wipe, gauze pad, 2 antibacterial bandaids,  aclcohol pad and safety pin. 

I made the pouches with a small amount of materials I had in my stash so this really was an inexpensive project!

My pouches ended up 4’x4′ closed but you could make them any size. Honestly I had a small piece of clear vinyl which I cut into 12 even pieces and designed the rest around that size! For the rest I used a hello kitty print woven cotton lined with iron on interfacing, white PUL (which is a waterproof material I use in cloth diapers and pads), pink 1/4 inch double folded bias tape and pink touchtape to close. I used the PUL to make this waterproof and washable, which is something you’d want if your backpack falls in river or something!

Add the bias tape and touchtape to the vinyl first.

Place the vinyl on top of the PUL both right sides facing up.

Place the printed cotton on top, right side facing down, and clip together with binder or paper clips. I never use pins when working with vinyl because you cant easily seal up the holes in the dryer.

And here is a picture of Ariel, because Raven thought you all would like it 🙂

When sewing PUL or vinyl there is always a chance of slipping or puckering of these materials and I like to combat that by starting my seams halfway. It may seem tedious and take longer, but in the long run it looks better. So you sew up the bottom and sides like this, leaving the top open.

Then turn it out!

Here is the only place I will pin, because you can’t iron PUL in place and it will just roll open on you without the pins. It won’t ruin the waterproof integrity though. I tested them and these suckers can hold water and potentially be used as an emergency cup.. haha

Add the touchtape to the top and you are done! A nifty little pouch you could really use for anything!

Happy Sewing and Happy Scouting!

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