Hombre Royale

Did my nails on Saturday night and didn’t end up posting because I was gabbing with my mother in law till the wee hours 🙂

This morning I was sick of them already and did them again!

Here they are:

Hombre Orange

This hombre look is ridiculously easy to achieve and always looks stellar. When I do fade like this I always use the darker color on top because I feel the other way around makes my nails look fat.. sounds weird I know but I’m picky! There are probably tuts out there for this, but it’s so simple, you just paint your top color halfway down on all nails and then pain the bottom color the rest of the way coat by coat. I always use a thinner sparkly light color for the bottom half and do a final coat over everything with it. This time I did 2 coats of each color and one of the lighter, followed by Seche Vite and as usual Sally Hansen’s Triple Strong is my base.

Sinful’s Cloud 9 and Sally’s Xwear in Crushed.

Royal Purple from Saturday

This is also very simple, my favorite ‘take’ on a french manicure (I’ve always hated french manicures!). 2 coats of Funky Finger’s Prince Charming and one little slant coat of Sinful’s Let’s Play – which is a very dark and super covering color. Art Club’s silver glitter stripe finishes it up. Super easy! Everyone always says they don’t have a steady enough hand for color blocking lines like this, but when you use a glitter striper to define it is VERY forgiving – you don’t have to be perfect at all!

And why did I get rid of this so soon? Not because I was dying to use that orange polish up there, I swear! Really I just kept looking at my nails thinking ‘this looks way too fancy for sitting around the house resting’.. haha! A thought process that is probably the result of a food deprived brain! Haven’t been able to eat much since having my gallbladder removed last Sunday!!

Thanks for looking, happy polishing!



  1. Your many talents never cease to amaze me.  I wish I lived closer so I could have you do my nails too!  LOL.  They all look awesome, but the blue purple silver is my favorite color combination.  Glad you had some time for yourself to do them!  ❤ Suz

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