Nearly 3am and sleep wont come back to me.

I woke up over an hour ago from something that seemed like a nightmare but was more like that unmistakable feeling that someone was watching me.. or standing over our bed. And now, as I sit here on my laptop in the living room, I have this completely irrational fear that zombies are hiding around the corner in the kitchen.

I didn’t even watch a scary movie!

Honestly though, HOW would zombies even get into my kitchen? It’s not like there are any dead people in there – unless you include frozen meat in the fridge, and that’s just silly. Could you just imagine little packages of meat all freezer burned and hopping around the kitchen. All of them desperately trying to shake off their plastic packaging and bumping into one another. What could they even DO to you? Little zombie meat chunks thwacking you in the head as you try to make your coffee. Or maybe the eggs would come tumbling out of the fridge all darkened by their zombification. Aimlessly hopping around until they break and splatter their little egg-zombie selves all over the floor. And what of the bacon? Slick and slimy armies of uncooked bacon slapping their way across the floor trying to.. eat brains? No, that doesn’t sound right. Ahhh I’ve got it, they long to be eaten! Spoiled zombie-food armies hell bent on digestion.

Now, of course, every tiny sound I hear is certainly my food trying to break free of the fridge.

Pants is sitting on my feet that are resting on the recliner (because where else would he sit?) looking at me as if he can read my mind. He’s got that look on his face that says either a: “you know Ima put the smackdown on all the zombie food for ya” or b: “you crazy”.

I should be using this time wisely. I should throw my shoes on and go to the store, get that creamer I forgot yesterday – there is just NO WAY to not forget things when you bring 3 younguns into the store with you. No way. Even with creamer on the list, I forgot it. Doesn’t matter because I can’t go to the store anyway, nothing is open 24 hours anymore! Phooey!

Still, I should be doing something constructive instead of creating my end of the world death by zombie food. I have a long list of things that need to be finished/started, including Kelly’s birthday present and finishing touches on all the Halloween costumes… but I KNOW the instant I run a machine someone will wake up and destroy this ‘me time’ I’m having… was having.. there’s the baby!



  1. Can’t remember what I was doing on the 14th, but I wake up at 3am and can’t get back to sleep everyday…. mostly cuz I work 30 mins. away and have to be there at 5am.  LOL  But even when I’m off for the day or work the 2nd shift instead… something about 3am wakes me every day.  So if I am off or work later, I puke and then go back to bed LOL. 

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