Raglan Love

Talk about having a productive day!

I made Lucas a new shirt this afternoon with the All the Rage Raglans pattern (::hangs head in shame::, yes I bought another pattern) from the Scientific Seamstress! And I’m super happy I did!

I absolutely LOVE raglans on Lucas, they just suit him and I’d love him to wear one every day but he only had 2 and that just wasn’t enough! So here I was with a stack of cute knits and another stack of Tre’s old tee shirts in solid colors. Can you guess where I’m going with this?

I love me some re-purposing!

I matched up some prints with the solid tees and decided to just start with one, in case the sizing was off. Now of course I measured and followed all her rules for proper sizing in her patterns but you just never know what you’re going to get with someone elses design. So I chose a gender neutral-ish combo just in case it would be better sized for one of the girls.

I picked size 3, which Luke actually wears and it fits him perfectly. The pattern design is awesome and it’s CHOCK full of info and tidbits on sewing and fabric choice if you happen to be a novice!

Here’s thefinished product with one of my favorite prints! You just can’t go wrong with the Ooga Booga’s!

I’m not all that happy with the bottom hem, but I can always rip it out…

And the action shots:

Now to make a few more of these beauties!


  1. Oh. my. gosh.  Lukie is getting SOOO big and “grown up” looking.  Is it the potty training or is his getting tall and trim too?  Oooh… speaking of potty training… I totally need a training pants pattern.  LOL.  Man I missed a lot! Still catching up.

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