Snugglebottoms! (a diaper review)

I just wanted to take a minute and put my ‘two cents’ in on what has been called by many “the best kept secret in cloth diapering”.

Snugglebottoms fitteds, made by Baby Bunz & Co. are indeed a great find in the realm of cloth diapering and I’m glad they weren’t kept a secret from me! I heard tell of them over on a cloth diapering board at CafeMom over a year ago and instantly placed an order. At the time I was knee deep in the world of cloth, expecting my Lucas at any moment and still searching for a few newborn/small diapers to complete my stash. So when I found this deal of SIX fitteds for a minuscule $21, I dove on it.

They offer these fitteds in either bleached or unbleached cotton flannel, with or without velcro closures. I opted for 6 unbleached (as I always do when given the choice) without velcro, since it was said they were snappiable/pinnable and I could always add touchtape/aplix later if I wanted.

First of all, the shipping was superfast – I received them in less than a week! Much like prefolds they needed to be prepped by washing/drying a few times to ensure maximum absorbency. I think I washed and dried 4 times and they end up looking like this:


I just took this picture so it’s obviously over a year old and been through many washings but they hold up quite nicely as you can see. The sizing, in my opinion, is a bit off. The website says to avoid newborn size and go straight for the smalls if you are expecting (or have) a child over 7lbs, so I did. The diapers I received were marked s/m which I can only assume means small/medium and they were anything but small. Lucas was born over 7lbs. and these didn’t fit him till he was about 2 months old! Matter of fact, when I got them they fit my (then) 20 month old daughter! (Keep this in mind when ordering, I could have gotten plenty of use out of the newborn size – even though I’m happy with what I got and it totally wasn’t a waste. If you are looking for a newborn diaper that is functional from birth up to about 3 months, I’d say get the newborn size.)

Note this: They are NOT snappi friendly, as the website says. Flannel usually isn’t unless it’s super old and the weave is loose. I also didn’t find it easy pinning them either, and I LOVE pins. However, they don’t need either when used with a good cover like a Thirsties wrap or even some Dappi nylon pants! (both of which I LOVE to pieces!)

Just a tip for these diapers, while they are very absorbent, they do need a cover. I like to let my kids go coverless in prefolds or fitteds and in these I’d have to change often. The flannel doesn’t distribute the wetness fast enough and without a cover I had some wet spots on the floor. WITH a cover, however, they were fabulous for daytime and naptime.

The rise ended up growing short on my son sooner than I expected and by about 5 months I added a strip of fleece to the tabs to extend the use. Like this:


And from that point they continued to be useful up until a few weeks ago. So I got 3 months use out of them before the fleece and another 6 months or so with it. AND I would still be using them if I hadn’t taken them out of stash rotation to do this to them:


I embellished the front with a cute girly print flannel, added some tan touchtape closures and a soaker pad inside with 3 layers microfiber and 2 layers flannel. Of course I did this for the new little girl I am happily growing at the moment.

I tried this one on Lucas to see how the fit would be with the extra layers and the soaker is fine, but on the rest I will lessen the width of the embellished panel on the front because it kindof overlapped the elastic and made the legholes a bit too bulky for MY liking.. though Lucas didn’t complain at all, even though the rise was WAY too short and his buttcrack was hangin out like a plumber’s.. haha. Not only that, but they no longer need a cover and were put to the test with little Lukie supersoaker (who usually needs to be changed at least every hour) by making it 2 hours before even feeling damp on the outside!

All in all these diapers, with or without my additions, are a GREAT buy and totally worth the tiny price!


  1. Hmmmm… the closer I get to making this order, the more stuff comes up!  LOL  I like the fabric embellishments, so unless you just aren’t up to the challenge, I think I’ll still be making my order with you and not going with these.  I’d want the touchtape anyway.  I hate pins, and I’ve yet to use a snappie even though they look simple enough.  ❤ SuZ

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