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Fishing for…

Compliaments? No!

For FROGGIES of course!!

I’ve been sewing a lot of diapers so far this week and I have posted all my work over on CafeMom to share with all the other cloth diaperin’ mammas.. can you believe someone actually had the nerve to tell me they thought I was just trying to toot my own horn! How Rude!

Anyway, I always try to share most of my sewing projects over here too because I KNOW there are other sewers lurking here on Xanga!

So this morning I went rummaging under my son’s crib looking for flannel. Having two in diapers has forced me to make more wipes. (I stored most of my fabric under his crib because I had to put my sewing table and shelves into storage to fit the second crib) And I was pleasantly surprised when I found a walmart bag tucked into the scrap box. Inside I found 6 yards of really cute boyish flannel – that I apparently already washed! I made a pile of wipes and 6 fitteds (one of each print) but here is my fav:

I was never a fan of fitteds but I’ve found them to be much more convenient then prefolds on my son.. there really is a difference in diapering boys and girls. The soaker is sewn in on these and consists of 2 layers microterry, 2 layers flannel and 2 layers birdseye (basically this was a compilation of the miscellaneous absorbent materials I found in the scrap box that I distributed evenly to the 6 dipes.. haha). It is turned and topstitched, but I did not topstitch the leg elastic. I used my PUL cover pattern for this and extended and squared off the wings. I did not add snaps or aplix because the weave on the flannel I found is thick and loose – perfect for a snappi. These things fit my newborns tiny butt perfectly.. and honestly, how adorable are those froggies? I love it!

5 comments on “Fishing for…

  1. nevragn
    August 27, 2008

    I wish I had known of this kind of stuff when my kids were newborns.  Maybe for the grand kids.  Someday.  And I’d have to buy them from you cuz I can’t sew for shit.

  2. Anonymous
    August 27, 2008

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! and I don’t think you’re tooting your horn, I happen to think you’re thinking SMART and not spending tons of money on these cloth diapers. This is awesome, I wish I knew how to sew because I’d start making a ton of these for our next kid when he or she comes along. You’re awesome!!!!

  3. beebeak
    August 28, 2008

    FROGTASTIC!!! HAHAHA These are great! How rude of those nasty bee-otches, YOU SEW, GIRL!!!!

  4. Anonymous
    August 29, 2008

    Wow!!! I didn’t even know it was possible to sew diapers?!!! That is amazing! Maybe I’ll give it a go… where can I find a pattern?

  5. hatcherbee
    August 29, 2008

    There are tons of free patterns and resources out there, if you Google ‘free diaper pattern’ you will find a lot. When I first started I just traced my favorite diaper and used what I had around the house but a lot of people find this Rita’s Rump pattern and tutorial helpful when starting out: You can also find a bunch of links to free patterns here: Of course if you have questions or need any help at all, let me know!

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