Polar Pockets!

This mamma’s got her creative groove back!!

Past few days I have been squeezing in as much sewing as I possibly can!

I made little Lucas a few pocket dipes, that are all dirty at the moment and I’m sure you don’t want to see photo’s of dirty dipes.. haha I also made him some fitteds out of the preemie sized indian prefolds that he’s already outgrown. I tacked two together, contoured them and serged.. waa-laa, easier diapering goodness!:


Over the weekend I got a pile of fluffy mail and in it was an awesome fleece pocket diaper that I received on a trade with another mamma!

Well I had never used a fleece pocket before and was a little leery, but the other mamma assured me that it was a terrific nitetime dipe and MAN was she right. The first night I put it on my little Willow, she woke up dry as a bone! And I don’t mean that just her bed was dry, I mean her whole butt was dry! The double microfiber insert I stuffed in there was DRIPPING wet, but SHE was soft and dry!

You know what that means.. I HAD to make my own!!

I used my softest microfleece for the inner and some celestial polartec fleece for the outer. I used my own pocket pattern and after playing around a bit I came up with the best design:


I call them Polar Pockets! The first one is my final draft where I decided to make the leg casings a bit wider purely for overnite comfort’s sake. The second one is usable just not as squishy comfy! (also, the tabs seem to look uneven but they are not.. must be the way I was holding the camera)

Anyway.. there you have it, I’m one step closer to normal again.. haha



  1. I’m not a mom but I do enjoy sewing (which is how I found your blog I’m pretty sure), and I have always been curious about cloth diapers… I think they are genius for a) financial and b) eco-friendly reasons, but out of simple curiosity, how do you wash them? Do they stain? Not that it matters if they’re just gonna poop in them again, haha.Anyway, yours are super cute! Great work!!

  2. @spluto – Thanks I LOVE making them. They are so easy to wash it’s not even funny. I spray any poo off with my shower head into the toilet then everything basically gets tossed into my diaper pail/bag and at the end of the week I take it all to the laundromat or handwash some of it. I have a wacky wash routine because we live in an apartment and don’t have our own washer/dryer. Stains arent an issue though, if I happen to get a bad one I hang it outside and sun it out. I actually have my wash routine posted here: http://www.hatcherbee.com/Fabric/washroutine.htm on my diaper site if you wanna read it. I get asked so often I decided to just post it there…

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