What are AIO’s?
All-In-One cloth diapers, meaning the soaker and cover are combined to make the easiest one-step choice in cloth diapering, of course!

Since embarking on this “I’m determined to make my own cloth diapers” adventure, I have made many mistakes but I believe I now have a design that’s actually functioning!

I’m using PUL for the outer, a combination of flannel and terry for the soaker and flannel for the inner with 1 inch aplix to close. My pattern came from tracing one of our current disposables and has been tweaked about 20 times before coming up with a good fit that didnt leak.

Willow doesn’t seem to mind being my guinea pig either.. she’s a happy little chunker!

This is suprisingly easier than I thought it would be too. I’m not yet brave enough to do cloth on outings or overnight.. so I still have to buy disposables.. but I’m getting there…


  1. I don’t know if your opinion has changed any since you made this post 2 years ago, but I looked through your tags regarding diapering and I LOVE this color and style.  If you have one like this that can be adjusted to fit Billy for me to try, send it with the others.  I may order a bunch of these since I’m REALLY starting to like the idea of PUL outter for around the house and outtings.  I’d probably want a fleece outter for bedtime due the breathability though.   I’ll know more later, but I just HAD to comment.  LOL  ❤ SuZ

  2. @VioletMoonDancer7 – I actually still have this diaper! And all the other AIO’s I made at that time. While they are easiest to use, they wash and dry HORRIBLE! Too many layers for stink to get trapped in and like 5 cycles in the dryer! That said, anything with PUL and touchtape is easiest. With my daughter I always used either covers with prefolds or some type of PUL.. I think by the time she was walking I had made her close to 40 pockets in the pattern I still use now (which is awesome because all those pink and purple dipes I have stashed away will get plenty of use with Raven) and I used them all the time. The reason I don’t do that with Luke is because his skin is more sensitive and if he’s in anykind of non-breathable cover for too long his little butt is all red.. not diaper rash red, just irritated red – but enough red that I don’t want him to be even a little uncomfortable. Some kids are allergic to it altogether – another reason I want you to try before you decide. However, I would totally send you an AIO to try as I’m sure I have one that may fit him. I’ve already gathered up most everything so once I dig the AIO’s out I can send it right out to you!

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