House Numbered

One of the first things we did to celebrate, after our house closing, was to buy a house number and brand new locks for the doors.

I picked a nice brushed brass for the locks and number, all matchy matchy.

There wasn’t a number anywhere on the house, only on the mailbox – which is fine except it’s across the street. Seeing as I order lots of stuff, I wanted to be sure it was clear where I live. Problem was, everywhere I tried to put the number it sort of blended in and you couldn’t see it from the road. I ended up putting it on the porch and telling myself I would get something reflective to put behind it. But that still hasn’t happened.

I had a better idea. I cross stitched the number and hung it on the door!

You can totally see this from the road, plus I love it!

Of course if you look closely you can see where I initially started and a couple rows in changed the way I was stitching, but you can’t see that from the road. And picking cross stitches out is way worse than seam ripping a garment.. so it’s staying that way.

Anyway, that’s what I made last week 😉

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