Doll Poncho

I’ve got several scrap and partial balls leftover from all the Lion Mandala cakes I’ve been using. Since this yarn is a lighter weight, I though it would be good for a doll item and decided to try a poncho. I looked for a pattern but really only found granny style ones that I didn’t care for.. but I found this diagram (below) and decided I’d just see what I could come up with.

Looking at this image I thought, well I’ll chain enough to fit over the dolls head in an even number, fold it in half and increase on each end, like a chevron.. easy right?


One hour later…

I just double crocheted in the round adding the two extra increase stitches at each half mark. Chaining 50 to start and 15 rows dc with this thin yarn is just right. I really like smaller stitching on doll items and try to use lightweight yarn to get the scale right. Above I’ve got it on an Our Generation doll and below on an American Girl doll.

Fits nicely on both and you can totally customize this to fit any doll.. or anyone!

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