Random Doll Stuff

Just some random doll stuff I’ve been up to.

Came across this cute tutorial on Pinterist for crocheting a little doll hat with loom bands and tried my hand at it…


Came out awesome and then I got carried away with it…


Turns out I’m pretty good at crocheting with loom bands and now I’ve got loads of ideas! It’s quick to do too! Check out the tutorial and try it yourself.

Over on Pixie Faire, they have been giving away patterns on Fridays and I’ve grabbed a few of them myself. Thats how I got the Liberty Jane Rash Guard and Swim Shorts Pattern and it’s a great one. I made a small alteration and shortened the sleeves of the rash guard and even though I dislike working with swimwear fabric I really like the way it came out.


I thought I had more but apparently I didn’t take pictures.. stay tuned for another random doll post soon 🙂

Happy crafting!


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