Sippy Cup Mold part 2

Almost 2 years ago I posted about my battle with sippy cup mold and what I did to combat it. I gushed to everyone with ears about these awesome little cleaning devices thought up by the geniuses over at Sippy Stuff and continued to purchase them ever since. So this afternoon, as my son was dutifully about to do the dishes, he says to me “ma, the little brush straw cleaner thingy is missing”. Yeah right. I’m sure it just up and walked out of here because it was simply outraged at all the stuff it had to clean. Teenagers.

Any-who, I picked up my phone and went straight to Lil’ Tulips to get a couple more. The whole while listening to said teenager piss and moan about “how in the world he was going to clean the dirty cups”.


After completing the transaction it dawned on me, and forgive me for being a little slow here, that I could just use a paint brush in lieu of the little brushy thing to at least clean out all the cup components (sans the straws) in the time being. So I grabbed the kids paint box and found a nice chunky ‘stencil-ish’ brush and tried it out. These brushes can be found in any big box or dollar store, this one is from a dollar store 4 pack.

We don’t actually use sippy cups in our house anymore, but we still use our beloved Camelbak cups on outings and for school so we still have a mold removal need. And this brush totally does the job – like even better than the Sippy Stuff one! It’s longer and sturdier and stronger! Cleans out these Camelbak lids without much effort at all!

Does an even better job on the bottom of the cup too – which previously was still quite a pain to clean! There is this little divit at the bottom of these cups that somehow collects all kinds of debris that my teenaged dishwasher ‘can’t see’.

This would do wonders on any other cup or bottle like this I’m sure! Maybe everyone else out there already thought of this.. it’s probably on Pinterest somewhere.. but for the 1 or 2 people that didn’t know, enjoy my little tip 🙂



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