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I finished the Ponyo costume!

It’s super flouncy and cute. Made it a tad big so it will last longer. I used the same peasant style as the Rapunzel costume with 4 layers of tulle under the skirt! It’s obviously not exactly the same and I’m sure the cosplay community would think it unacceptable, but Raven likes it and that’s all that counts!

Once I put it on her she would NOT stop dancing around and singing “I am Ponyo, I love ham!!” over and over! She’s such a doll!

Instead of bloomers I opted for something warmer and re-purposed an old white turtleneck. Big old shirt sleeves make great toddler pants! One seam and a run through the serger with elastic on the waist. Easy peasy, 5 minutes of work = cute little white knit pants!!

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