More Raglans!

Last week I posted about the awesome raglan shirt pattern I got and I’ve made a few more shirts since then!

I just finished my favorite and have GOT to share! Raven needed a new fleece jacket so I made her one with the raglan pattern. I added the hood on this one (with a knotty flair), added sleeve cuffs and a waistband!

I LOVE IT! And so does she!!

(if you didn’t already know, I also made the dipe and the leggies)




  1. OMG!!!!  Is that RAVEN???  Sheesh I need more net time.  LMAO.  That is an AWESOME shirt/jacket… I’d love a copy of the pattern (wink wink)  lol.  Oh… and speaking of patterns… do you think if I sent you the cotton liner for my “hamper” that you could duplicate it in PUL so that I could have a WET bag in it instead?  We make it work as is by having it lifted off the floor a bit and a towel underneath just to protect our wood floor, but I’ve always wanted an actual WET bag, and with little Jack coming along in a few months, I KNOW it will get plenty of practical use.  Just tell me how much a project like will cost and I’ll scrape up the funds ASAP so that you can get the materials and begin work when you get the time (IF you have the time, that is).  Anyway, love, ya… just trying to catch up since I’ve been MIA so long.  ❤ Suz

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