New Pantyliners!

My good pal Kelly let me borrow her camera so I could get some updates done and I’m starting with the squishy new pantyliners I made myself!

I found an interesting tutorial and pattern here and used it though I made 2 small changes. The bottom part of the pad that wraps around the panties is 2 layers of flannel, same as in the tutorial but the top is 2 layers flannel topped with velour on 4 and stretch terry on 2. I also attached the two together differently, where she topstitches the smaller pad and then attaches it to the bottom, I just topstitch it directly onto the bottom.

It’s a VERY simple pattern and the pads not only comfortable but provide much more protection than you would think. I whipped them all up during naptime one day and am not 100% pleased with the stitching but I love them nonetheless! Check it out:








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