I Gave in to the RRP…

For a while, on the boards that I frequent regarding cloth diapers, I have been seeing much ado about the RRP or Rita’s Rump Pocket Fitted Pattern. I’m not a fan of fitteds, as I had drafted and tried a few with my youngest cloth bootie and really favored prefolds. But my little Lukie butt has got some supreme chunky thighs and until he works that chunk-a-munk off by crawling and walking, I find myself needing an in between sized diaper. AAACK!

I have 40 premium prefolds and 28 infant sized ones that I embellished with fleece tabs to lengthen their usage. He’s still too little for the premiums and because of those chunker thighs, the infants are becoming unusable. Sure I have plenty of pockets that fit both my little butts, but I only use them for overnight or outings.. the PUL makes both of them red if I push that. And I simply refuse to buy an entire stash of medium sized prefolds! So as much as I didn’t want to I decided to give that popular diaper pattern a try.

My main gripe with fitteds has always been the same. Much like AIO’s, fitteds do not clean well and take a thousand hours in the dryer – or about 4 days when hung inside – because of all the sewn in layers. The great thing about the Rita’s Rump idea is that it’s just a simple flannel pocket dipe, no sewn in layers, no velcro, no snaps. Seeing as I have already drafted a one-size-fits-most pocket dipe I considered just using that, buuuut in all honesty my interest was beyond piqued about the RRP.. so I printed it out and got to work.

I had more than half of a queen size flannel topsheet leftover from another project, some orange and yellow flannel leftover from a candy corn costume and about half a yard each of some truck and camo flannel. All of it was already washed and ready so I got to tracing and cutting and sewing! I ended up with 2 trucks, 3 camos and 4 out of that sheet! I squared the tabs on the trucks because I didn’t have the width I needed, but it poses no problem at all!

Luckily I have a small mountain of microfiber for stuffing and I gotta say, I am pleased! The fit is good on my chunky little guy and my red headed terror! Plus they are great for just hanging out without a cover too! To anyone looking to try it, I’d say go for it, they actually live up to their hype!
ETA: 01/28/09
I modified the Rita’s Rump Pocket Fitted Pattern that has been working out so well for us and made another stack of them for Lucas!

I extended the wings an inch and angled them up about a 1/4 inch because the previous batch’s wings seem to angle down creating a V that was causing wing droop. Now the wings cross his belly perfectly! I’ve got about 10 yards of flannel waiting to be made into a pile more!

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