Yay, longies!

I spent most of the day photographing items for my Etsy shop, then photoshopping them into usefulness. And you know what that means right? I fixed my camera! Turns out there was a little piece of the battery door missing. Somehow someone (I won’t mention any names ::cough::willow::cough::) managed to get that piece stuck in my printer! So for a few days, my printer was also on the fritz.. but now both printer and camera are fixed!

This process of stocking my Etsy shop is becoming long and tedious – and I haven’t even actually stocked anything yet! I have SO much stuff, so many items that piled up while my camera was out of commission that it’s taking forever! Plus I need to write out descriptions for everything. By the time I get done, no one will want this stuff anymore! I am currently kicking myself for thinking this Etsy shop would be easier to upkeep then my own webstore, which is now closed.

Seems like everyone and their mother makes the same things.. ugg, sometimes I feel so useless.. I see these women making things and talking about how they just started sewing a year ago or 3 years ago, writing tutorials and giving advice. They have beautiful and expensive embroidery machines and sergers – things I will probably never have. I look at the quality of some things people are selling and I wonder how on earth any of it even sells. Or how someone could possibly sell such crap. And here I am, been sewing for over 20 years – been selling my wares since I can’t even remember at craft shows, in town and online. Got tons of knowledge and experience AND yeah, talent too.. I put so much time and effort into making great quality pieces, like if even a stitch is out of place I wouldn’t dare sell it.. nobody cares though. Seems like almost every time I post something in answer to a sewing question, anywhere, it’s always a threadkiller.. someone once told me that was because I answer things so thoroughly that no one needs to say anymore – but that sounds like a load of horsepuckey! Eh I guess I’ll just never fit in with any crowd.

OK, waaah waaah wah, enough of that self pity.. haha

I tried to get Willow to model some things for me, but she was intent on being a dud. Most of the shots look as if she embodied a drug induced waif from those Victoria’s Secret catalogs.. haha she’s still adorable though!

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