Waste not want not.

Prior to the birth of my daughter in December of 2006 I had been been swimming in a sea of testosterone, even our cat is male. Living in a house with 2 stinky boys and one stinky daddy (he’s a garbageman) had left me feeling very.. un-girly. So since my daughters arrival I have been relishing in the girliest of girly things. It’s quite a joy. 

My favorite girly girl thing is fast becoming dresses. They are adorable and easiest when it comes to diaper changes, especially with the warmer weather sneaking up on us here in Jersey. One thing I never seemed to use last year were the cute little bloomers that come with all those cute dresses. I had a stack of them collecting dust last summer. I just couldn’t see putting one on over either a cloth or disposable diaper. So I decided to find a way to make them useful… and I finally did.

I turned this:


into this awesome functional waterproof diaper cover!


Now she has a bunch of really cute diaper covers that match some of her dresses!


How cool is that? haha if only she understood the lengths I travel to make her butt more fashionable.

How did I do it? Simple really, I just ripped the seams out of the waist and legbands and then ripped the elastic. With a seam ripper of course.. not hulk style.

You end up with this:


Next I folded the bloomers sideways until the side seams matched. Then lined up my pattern (in this instance I used a Quick Wrap pattern that has been altered to my liking) with the legholes and cut only the front part out.

Like so:


Then laid it out flat like this:


Match the pattern back up and cut:


and you end up with this:


At this point I cut out the rest of the pattern with the waterproof fabric (or peach PUL as I used) then put it all together with some fleece binding tape and fold over elastic. Waa La!







  1. @beebeak – hey, did you see the shears lying on the table in some of the pictures? They are the ones I stole from BHS!! haha remember that? Still got em.. they still have BHS etched into the side too.. hahahaha

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