Sims Mobile, why?

So this is off topic and probably irrelevant to most but I need to say this somewhere.

I have been playing Sims Mobile since it came out. I consider myself a casual player, but I have spent some actual money on adding the two additional sims you can have. I have genuinely enjoyed playing it whenever I have a free moment and in the grand scheme of things it was a worthwhile purchase.

For the most part I’ve been fine with failing almost every event and not having a clue how anyone finished some of them. My goal has been to purchase all the land squares and build my dream home, without spending any actual money. So I do the Lamazooms and set all 4 of my sims to earn simoleons and go back to real life.


The latest event, though a bit different than usual (a good thing), has a completely unrealistic task to reward system. Like, I thought maybe it was a joke or some kind of glitch when I first saw it.

Here you can see the rewards. You need to open up 76 of those Sweet Treat boxes to complete this event. Each box cost 425 tokens and you typically only earn about 25 tokens per task.

As you can see I’ve only opened 4! And that’s with 4 sims pretty much doing event tasks back to back as soon as they are available.

I envision myself maybe opening 10 by the time this event ends. 😐

And let’s not even get into the challenge in this event.. oh boy.

You get 5 rounds to blow all the cash, simoleons and cupcakes you may have … only to fail almost every attempt and lose anything you earned along the way.

This is a crappy reward from a game anyone has spent any money to play. This is the opposite of a reward.

I’m all for a challenge, even if it’s just to beat the clock, but this one is unusually impossible.

Previous events would give you an item or two that could be placed in the home and accrue tokens on top of earning them through event tasks and regular tasks. I would typically end an event with most of the reward collection and a couple things I really wanted.

That is never going to happen here and I want to know why.

Why must I go into this game knowing I couldn’t possibly win without shelling out a lot of real money?

I see some people deleting their games and flipping off EA, which I have no desire to do. I can still buy up my land squares and retire/promote my way through generations of sims.. but this is like kinda depressing on a first world level and definitely shady.

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